калькулятор расчета прибыли

From the start of construction to launch

Construction of self-service complex
on the basis of typical ISELF project

Beginning of works
  • Dumping of the site
  • The layout of the land
  • Soil development for the installation of wells and mortgages
  • Preparation of sand and gravel basement for wells
  • Laying of well rings
  • Waterproofing of wells
  • Laying of pipes for sewerage and water supply systems
  • Electrical cable laying
Main stage of construction works
  • Preparation of sand and gravel basement
  • Footing
  • Protective film laying
  • Thermal insulation
  • Formwork installation
  • Two-level reinforcement
  • Laying of embedded pipes with broaching
  • Laying formwork for pits on bays
  • Laying of concrete mix
  • Levelling, vibro-mechanical treatment
  • Construction of technical room
  • Preparation for the layout of the warm floor
  • Laying of floor heating pipes
  • Filling the final floor of the bay (concrete, marble chips, topping)
  • Sanding of the surface and applying a protective layer
  • Landscaping (asphalt, tile)
  • Installation of sanitary engineering
  • Arrangement of the operator's room
Installation of equipment and canopy construction ISELF INOX
  • Unloading of the canopy construction and equipment
  • Installation of the canopy construction made of polished stainless steel ISELF INOX, polycarbonate roof with UV protection, glass partitions.
  • Installation of ISELF equipment
  • Lighting installation, electrical installation
  • Installation of video surveillance and security systems
  • Advertisement design
Final stage
  • Technical run of equipment
  • Staff training
Construction period station
of self-service car wash
is 2-3 months
Before starting the construction,
we recommend to order
the equipment
Water, electricity and sewage are mandatory
We recommend you to install the the networks before starting the carwash construction